How can I access my email through a third party mail application? Print

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Each mail client is a little different, the following settings are used in all third party mail applications or mobile devices to send and recieve your mail by using your favourite mail program:

Username: [your email address]
Password: [your email password]
Incoming Server: mail.[]
  • IMAP Port: 993 (SSL/TLS) / 143 (non-SSL/TLS)
  • POP3 Port: 995 (SSL/TLS) / 110 (non-SSL/TLS)
Outgoing Server: mail.[]
  • SMTP Port: 465 (SSL/TLS) / 587 non-SSL/TLS)
  • Authentication is required for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.
  • We recommend using SSL/TLS for your connections to and from the server so your data is encrypted in transport.

Still deciding between IMAP or POP?  Here is a quick description of the two types of connections:

  • IMAP email access coordinates between the server and your mail application. Messages that have been read/deleted/replied to will show up as such, both on the server and in the mail application.
  • POP3 does not coordinate with the server. Messages marked as read/deleted/replied to in the mail application will not show up as such on the server. This means that future mail downloads with POP3 will show all messages as unread.
  • Outgoing mail is sent using SMTP.

If you have any further questions, please open a support ticket.

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