Blocked TLDs

Update as of January 6, 2020:

We are no longer blocking the domains listed in the table below, instead we allow the mail through to the user, but apply a heavy spam penalty on the mail, this way it is marked as spam on the mail account.

Server TLDs Blocked
Janeway & Picard

.info, .bid, .win, .top, .website, .ingtonz.con, .date, .faith, .loan, .stream, .trade, .ooo, .life, .online, .icu, .club, .fun, .mx, .pro, .best, .co, .live, .casa, .shop, .us, .xyz, .bar, .site, .world, .host, .biz, .pw, .press

If you need to have any of the TLDs noted above added to your account's white list (so they aren't penalized when received), and aren't sure how to do so, please let us know by opening a support ticket.

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